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Simple tips to prepare your happen to be Japan for the Olympics? A cheat sheet for a Solo-woman tourist

Simple tips to prepare your happen to be Japan for the Olympics? A cheat sheet for a Solo-woman tourist

Solo traveling could be the way that is best to explore an innovative new nation, its tradition, and folks. For many females, it’s both rewarding and daring. “But you’re therefore courageous!” “And how come you are doing it?” may be the reaction you will get even though you are a 35-year-old, European girl, relating to Rosita Boland.

The clear answer may be the reward: once you understand about a brand new nation, tradition and its particular individuals is an enlightening experience. Viewing Olympics along with solamente traveling could be a cherry on top of a Sundae.

Imagine viewing the games and enjoying the variety of tasks and adventure while checking out a country that is new!

Concerned with security? Well, to not ever worry this time around. Japan could be the ninth safest country on the planet and Tokyo had been rated while the best town in 2017. The tourists try not to face pick-pocketing, and snatching of handbags or smart phones.

For solo-women tourists, Japan is very a destination that is convenient. The cinemas provide reduced prices on woman’s seats. Also some accommodations provide free spa services or cosmetics for their ladies customers.

Having said that, my advice into the solo-woman tourist is always to remain alert and make use of sense that is common remain safe, as somewhere else on earth.

Book when you can

The Olympics may be held from July 4-August 9, 2020. Just what exactly may be the time that is ideal book your resort? Make certain you book ahead of time, quite prior to the time. June Kawahara, the international press coordinator for Sankei Shimbun points down, “In some instances, this would be over per year ahead of time, as a number of the games will probably be held in Tokyo suburbs, where unfortuitously you will find insufficient resort hotels.”

One of several reasons behind this suggestion is that Tokyo is notorious for having all of the resort hotels scheduled up months in advance. Additionally, the government that cheating wife mobile chat is japanese calls for Airbnb owners to own their house rented for at the very least 180 times per year for keeping their license. The amendment may result in more shortage of residence throughout the Olympic Games. So our suggestion would be to book at the least six to eight months in front of the time.

Use Bing Fi Phone/Service

Correspondence is unarguably probably the most crucial element of preparing a solo journey. My suggestion is to try using Bing Fi. if you use Bing Fi, you receive free worldwide texting and information. With exceptionally low calling prices and simple to make use of put up, you could start making use of Bing Fi, the minute you land in Tokyo.

Location could be the MASTER

Your most useful bet is to try and find a hotel/accommodation near to the Olympics Stadium. A number of the locations that are preferred remaining in Tokyo are Ginza, Yaesu, and Kyobashi. The people will get clean, safe and accommodation that is even luxurious. Additionally, it is possible to would rather choose an accommodation which can be relating to your requirements.

A few of the most typical forms of accommodation available are Ryokan, (conventional style that is japanese) Minshuku, (Japanese design sleep and morning meal lodgings) Western-style resort hotels, and Pensions. (family-run Western-style accommodations)According to the Japan Guide the values for the one-night accommodation are priced between 2,000 yen per individual to 50,000 yen per individual. It is possible to select accommodation after considering your boarding choices and spending plan.


The town has a well-developed system of general public transport which helps make the drive towards the arena hassle-free. For a first time visitor, knowing the intricate transport system could be overwhelming. Nonetheless, the 2 many helpful resources are Bing Maps and Hyperdia. Hyperdia may be the route finder website that is best that enables you to look up the path between two channels. You could look up the choices of riding buses, leasing a car or taxi to drive.


Tokyo provides a variety of food for tourists from all over the planet. You can test old-fashioned Japanese meals, or possibly adhere to the Western international meals chains (almost all of which may have outlets in Tokyo) what’s promising for girl travelers is Tokyo offers reduced prices for ladies in pubs and restaurants (take a look at women menu)

Festivals, Musical, and Party

Besides viewing activities, you need to create your day at Japan much more valuable and enjoyable. The news that is good, there is no shortage of material to savor.

For those who have a taste for outside tasks, conventional matsuri (event) that lightens within the summers has a lot to provide.

Have you been a music fan? We got you covered right here. Come july 1st, these musical occasions are likely to rock and beat the warmth making use of their performances that are amazing.

  1. Rock in Japan (Aug. 3-4 & 10-12)
  2. Increasing Sun Rock Festival in Ezo(Aug. 16-17)
  3. S2O Japan(13-14 july)
  4. Music Circus (Aug. 24-25)
  5. Rural(Sept. 20-23)
  6. Tokyo Jazz(Aug. 30-Sept. 1)

Don’t rest from the seats. These activities offer away quicker than you would imagine.

If you’re a die-hard art-lover, Japan provides a delicacy in the shape of Setouchi Triennale (summer session July 19-Aug. 25. during this time period, a few short-term art displays are arranged besides permanent displays in several art museums throughout the Seto Inland water.

Like to enjoy films? The event that is best is outside too! Book your admission for Stardust Theatre in Haramura (26-Aug july. 18) and revel in a season of tests at a nature book.

Remember: “Summer’s exactly what you will be making it,” sang Yo Los Angeles Tengo. Japan has a complete lot to provide to help make the most useful from your solamente travel. Plan wise, invest careful and possess fun unbounded.

Inform me within the feedback everything you intend to do throughout your day at Tokyo within the summers of 2020.